Chosen as the #1 Gift for 2015 by Louisiana Sportsman's Magazine

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  • Sportsmen will love the Wild Game Washer! This super-bucket will revolutionize the game bird and fish cleaning process! It easily reduces the drudgery of cleaning, saving time while providing a superior cleaning.
    John W.Ranch Owner & Hunter
  • The Wild Game Washer cleans and flushes game so effectively, everyone should have one. It removed hours of tedious work in my commercial hunting operation.
    Ben M.Rancher & Commercial Outfitter
  • It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning birds, fish, or even big game quarters, I have never seen anything like this. Cowboy’s Wild Game Washer would be my vote for new product of the year.
    Mark M.Ranch Owner & Hunter
  • For fresh or saltwater, the Wild Game Washer is a must-have item for your dock, your boat, or the back of your truck. Simply fillet the fish, toss them in, and let the water do the rest!
    Dave T. Former Professional Fisherman
  • The Wild Game Washer is a direct hit for those I take on hunting trips! It saves a lot of time and cleans all those birds with ease, helping me be more productive and enjoy time with my clients. This is a winner!
    Thomas B.International Businessman & Recreational Hunter
  • This is a great gift item for my customers. Finally, a holiday or special occasion gift I can give to my customers that is really worth something!
    Chris E.Sales Executive & Sport Fisherman